The total cost for the HLC 111 Phlebotomy program is approximately $1400 - $1500.

Please keep in mind that SRJC has financial aid and scholarships available here: https://financialaid.santarosa.edu/ and also low-income, disabled, and first-generation assistance here: https://hope.santarosa.edu/program-eligibility. Please reach out to those departments to get assistance with paying for your Phlebotomy education. 

Here is a list of fees/costs (may not be exhaustive): 

  • Approximately $360 for the SRJC registration units. HLC 111 is currently a total of 7.5 units. See this link for the exact total cost for the units, as unit fees vary by semester: https://admissions.santarosa.edu/fees-refund-information
  • Approximately $400 for the SRJC skills lab supplies fee. This one-time fee paid by each student, pays for all of the supplies needed to learn how to become a Phlebotomist; such as needles, syringes, lab tubes, tourniquets, gloves, gauze pads, etc. This fee varies by semester, based on supplier cost fluctuations. 
  • Approximately $104 for the CastleBranch fee.
  • Approximately $100 for the CA state application fee, AND approximately $100 for the national certification exam.
  • Approximately $50 to $75 for the CPR fee.
  • Approximately $60 per semester for the SRJC parking fee.
  • Approximately $8 for the ID badge fee ($4 each)
  • Approximately $5 to $15 for each official college transcript
  • Approximately $70 to $100 for the book and study guide
  • The cost of purchasing uniforms, shoes, etc can vary depending on where they are purchased, and the size. It is highly recommended that the student purchase 2 full sets of scrubs (2 scrub tops and 2 scrub bottoms). The uniforms are worn every week in the skills lab, and every day during the externship. The total cost for 2 complete sets of scrubs only (not including scrub jackets or shoes) ranges from $115 to $150. See the "Uniform/Dress Code" webpage for more detail. 
  • The cost of getting all the health requirements done (physical exam, titers, vaccines, etc) prior to entry to the program, varies greatly depending on insurance, co-pays, and from provider to provider, and is impossible to list here. Please see the "How To Register" webpage, and the Phlebotomy Student Handbook for zero-cost and/or low-cost resources.