Uniform/Dress Code Requirements







Required scrubs can be purchased at A5 Uniform in Santa Rosa, and/or at Uniform Advantage in Santa Rosa. 


It is highly recommended that the student purchase 2 full sets of scrubs (2 scrub tops and 2 scrub bottoms). The uniform is worn every week in the skills lab, and to all onsite clinical externship rotations. 


Students will not be admitted to lab, or onsite externship rotations if they are not wearing the uniform as described below. 


ID BADGE - The official student photo identification (ID) badge/tag is to be worn at all times for all skills lab and clinical settings.

1. Go to the Cashier/Accounting office in Bailey Hall. Tell them you need to pay for 2 ID badges** for health sciences. The cost is $4 each, total of $8. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.

**If you are taking any other SRJC Health Science program(s), you will need 2 ID badges for each program. 

2. Get your SRJC ID Badge picture taken at either of the following picture taking sessions, shown on the left of this webpage.

  • If you do not bring your payment receipt to the picture taking session, your picture will not be taken.
  • You must wear the scrub top described on the "Uniform/Dress Code" webpage to the picture taking session. Any visible t-shirts or turtlenecks worn underneath must be white, and you must have your hair pulled back - otherwise your picture will not be taken.
  • If you are unable to come to either of the dates listed, please contact Yvette Davis, Administrative Assistant, at YDavis@SantaRosa.edu to make an alternate appointment. Drop ins are not available for picture taking.

3. Your 2 ID badges will be given to you the first day of class.


  • Male Shirt: Dickies Style 81906, Male PantDickies Style 81006 (both shirt and pants must be navy)
  • Female Shirt: Koi Style 137-12, Female Pant: Koi Style 701-12 (both shirt and pants must be navy)
  • ALL undergarments that can be seen, like long johns, turtlenecks, etc., that are worn for warmth or to cover tattoos, must be white.
  • Any scrub jackets worn over the scrub top must exactly match the color of your scrub top, and the jacket must be an actual scrub jacket - NOT a sweatshirt or other type of jacket. ID Badge must be on both the scrub jacket AND the scrub shirt.
  • White shoes with a solid, closed toe. No mesh tops. (No specific style is required.)
  • White socks (clean every day).

Hair: Must be clean, and neatly styled. Long hair must be pulled back so that when the students bends over, no hair falls into the face. This means that long ponytails must be wrapped up into a bun, and any hairs that fall out from the bun on the sides of the head must be pinned back. For short styles, hair must be worn above the collar. No extreme styles or artificial colors, such as pink, blue, green, etc.

Facial Hair: Must be clean and neatly trimmed.

Jewelry: Students may wear two stud earrings (one in each ear only, if desired) and wedding ring, if desired. Dangling or loop style earrings pose a potential hazard and may not be worn in the clinical or lab areas. No other jewelry, studs or piercings permitted.

Headgear: Hats, caps, and head scarves are not allowed.

Tattoos: Must be covered at all times by white undergarments or white arm sleeves.

Make-up: Should be limited to neutral shades.

Nails: Must be clean, short and free of polish.

Hygiene: Students are expected to be free from body odor, tobacco and scents, i.e. lotion, perfume, aftershave, etc.

Food/Drink: Only bottled water in non-glass containers is allowed in the skills lab. Students are not allowed to bring anything other than bottled water to the patient care areas of the clinical sites. (Lunch and snack items may be brought and kept in break room areas.) Absolutely no gum, or hard candies in the skills lab or at the sites.